Celebrities are Spotted in a New Style

Fashionable turban head covers have become a hit among Malaysian celebrities  who seek to cover their hair as part of their daily routine, as Puteri Sarah Liyana, or for special occasions, As Nadia Brian.  Puteri Sarah Liyana was spotted on the front page of Mingguan Wanita, while donning a Classic Turban by Inspired Soul. The former actress and now business woman (and new mummy!), founder of Shara Islamic Fashion, have warmly welcomed Inspired Soul's collection in her store as she acknowledges the need for new options for the modern Muslim woman.  The young actress Nadia Brian, who occasionally adopts the hair coverage for certain TV programs and other events, finds the Instant turbans very convenient and at the same time stylish when getting ready to shine on the screen. As Nadia says it; "the turbans are very trendy and handy even for free-hair women".

Fashion Influencers

Beauty & fashion blogger and TV host, Kiena Suhaimi, was seen as the first ambassador of Inspired Soul, as she was donning the instant turbans while on beach holiday. As many other hijab-wearing fashion bloggers; Kiena finds the Turban a handy item for travels; especially for hot weather destinations. 

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