Hey guys.. I've found something interesting I'd like to share with you:

Now.. let's move to an interesting study of ourselves.. and travel very deep inside our thoughts...Psychologists normally analyse the personality of their patients before treating them...for this I found this exercise - try it yourself!:

Clear your mind and ask your family not to let anyone bother you. The more comforting the place is and the more at rest you are the better it is: because what we intend to do requires a basic rule which is not to allow your thinking to be disturbed by concentrating only on the main objective. Also, your body should not be diverted by your bodily needs. Take with you some dark cheap paper and a pen (or a laptop!) which you can write with easily. I mentioned dark cheap paper so as to allow you to use a large quantity without worrying about expense. I also mentioned an easy pen because you will be surrounded by thousands of spiritual and psychological factors when you study yourself, you will need a pen that will not distract you. Make a list of the types of feelings and reactions which you encountered in yourself on this day and the day before. Now review each one of them, think deeply about them, and write down everything that comes to your mind regarding these feelings without any reservations or limitations. Do not worry if it takes a long time.

When you have written all your actions, thoughts, feelings and reactions, bring to mind the instincts of self-love, seclusion, conceit, etc. Now match every action or thought with the instinct which motivated it by asking yourself the simple questions: " which instinct motivated this action or utterance?".

The purpose of this test is to allow a person to change as much of his spiritual personality as his lively and constructive spiritual powers can by eradicating his psychological reactions and nervous states. This way the individual will consciously feel that he is a new person. Hence, he will realize new goals and meanings in life for himself other than the previous one.