Collection Logs

First collection - Professional Urbanites

1st of January 2017

The aim with this collection is to cater solutions for the busy, professional & modern woman, who despite her many responsibilities would not compromise with her classy and well put style. This woman therefore needs a quick, practical and comfy choice to dress up for the office, university, a shopping trip with her girlfriends, a family gathering or a nice dinner date. 

Our main characteristics in mind when creating this collection have been; comfort, practicality, premium quality materials, elegant fitting and design and easy-to-match colours to fit the basic needs of the contemporary woman. 

Due to our love of the elegant dusty and earthy colours; we have chosen to assemble a harmonious blend of rosy nudes, browns, sands, khaki greens and milky whites.  


The T-Jab 

Our revolutionary innovation, the T-jab , which we are very excited to bring to you to enjoy an easier comfier everyday styling, is very dear to our heart, since we have spent months in developing, testing and improving the design. The T-jab is the perfect answer to women who wish to wear a stylish turban but wish to cover the neck area. It is an integration of the modest coverage of a “hijab”” and the comfort of a “t-shirt”, aiming to make hijab styling easy and practical without compromising with exposing the neck area. The cut around the face is carefully designed to make the face shape slim, giving a slight space to add earrings for all the fashionistas. The fitting around the neck is nice and slim to make the end result look elegant and avoid bulky looking fabric. This item’s soft and lightweight cotton-mix material, along with it’s elegant fitting around the head, face, neck and upper body makes it a must-have daily essential for all turban lovers.


The thin and sweat-absorbing cotton-mix material is very comfortable and perfect for the hot sweaty days as well as the cooler days. With the design’s elegant and comfy fitting, making your neck and face appear slim and neat, and framing the face and head perfectly to make your styling ever-easier, this item is a must-have basic essential in your wardrobe. This design currently comes in both black and off-white.


Instant Turbans

For the lazy turbanistas, who want to look fabulous without making the effort of spending several minutes on styling and want the absolute easiest and fastest solution; we have carefully designed a collection of two different cute and elegant turban designs to get you ready in less than 1 minute. The first design is a basic turban with a small wide ribbon close to the forehead. For the second design we chose to place a bow on the front for those who want that little extra touch.  


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